Stained Concrete

Acid-stained concrete exudes a beautiful richness that simply cannot be matched by films and dyes applied through mechanical means. Stains can be applied to any concrete surface in the form of micro-toppings.

Acid staining is the process in which colors concentrate, chemicals open up pores in the concrete surface, and salt reacts with the lime concentrate. The acid in the stain lightly etch the surface, allowing metallic salts to penetrate more easily. Once the stain reacts, it permanently bonds with the concrete and won’t fade, chip off or peel away.

Acid-stained concrete offers great benefits, including:

  • maximum durability
  • elegance and beauty
  • low maintenance
  • unsurpassed water resistance
  • increased energy savings
  • and more.

About Custom Epoxy Flooring

We install all types of epoxy floors including traditional industrial epoxies. They are available in solid colors or in multi-hue. Metallic epoxies or designer epoxy floors are high demand because of their versatility and durability – plus they’re low-maintenance floors.

Our epoxy techniques create natural finishes similar to self leveling concrete and micro toppings. The ideal uses for a metallic floor would be for retail, hotel lobbies, restaurants and offices. This flooring is intended for interior use with a tendency to discolor over time through increased amounts of exposure to sunlight. It’s unique appearance and durability in high traffic areas makes this an ideal flooring solution for businesses.

We specialize in designer epoxy floors and have completed projects in warehouses, distribution facilities, schools clinics and residential garages. Industrial applications are generally solid in color and range from white, gray, beige or other basic colors. Epoxy is the perfect solution for any high traffic area.

More facts and attributes of stained floors:

  • Harder and stronger than tile
  • Strong enough to drive on
  • Stained floors do not discolor
  • Typical installations are installed much faster than tile with an unlimited amount of color options
  • Limitless patterns
  • Limitless designs
  • Compared to other flooring products, epoxy is the most durable
  • Installations are completed in less than half the time of other flooring products
  • Epoxy floors are easy to clean and cost effective