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At Austin Stained Concrete & More, we believe decorative concrete is not only a utilitarian medium of construction, but an aesthetic enhancement for any structure. We’ve completed hundreds of thousands of sq. feet of stained, decorative, and polished concrete for a wide variety of businesses including

  • hotels
  • museums
  • aircraft hangars and airports
  • warehouses
  • grocery and club stores
  • automotive dealerships
  • factories
  • and more.

We work closely with clients from initial estimate to the completed project, enabling us to implement a plan that meets our client’s specific needs. Our design team is expertly qualified in all aspects of concrete construction and have extensive experience to complete all projects–large or small–on time and on-budget. All work is guaranteed and backed by a 1-year workmanship warranty. Contact us today and let our professionals show you how a designer epoxy, self-leveling, stained concrete or overlay floor beautifies your space.

Diamond Polished Vs. Stained Concrete

Concrete floors have been long-praised for their durability and low cost, but that certainly doesn’t mean they have to be boring! Concrete is highly modifiable and can be treated by various processes to improve performance, strength, and aesthetics.

For years, Home and business owners alike have trusted Austin Stained Concrete and More to diamond polish and stain their concrete surfaces. Many retailers, such as warehouses, hotels, grocery stores, are turning toward these options to give their business a polished and unique decorative appearance. But what is the difference between staining and diamond polishing? They are actually two very different processes.

Diamond polishing completely transforms the concrete surface to reveal a deep, crisp, clear mirror finish that lasts for life. Staining is the process of coloring concrete surfaces through chemical or mechanical means. Acid staining (also known as reactive staining) forms a permanent chemical bond with the concrete. Non-reactive stains come in the form of tinted coating, topical sealers, or dyes that are mechanically, not chemically, bonded to the concrete surface and tend to suffer more wear and tear than chemically bonded stains.

Since our start, we have seen all sorts of products, applications, and techniques come and go. But no product is in greater demand than the designer epoxy floor. In addition to their versatility, low maintenance and durability, they are available in near limitless designs and colors. Contact us today to schedule your free survey and let your imagination run wild.

Diamond Polished


Specializing in Residential Designer Epoxy Floors

Allow ASC&M to transform your floors into works of art through the diamond polish and staining process. When a concrete floor requires polishing, nothing outshines a WerkMaster™. The ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go technology combined with advanced concrete polishing tool design delivers uncompromising results faster and easier than any planetary grinder.

Polished concrete floors are a cost-effective flooring solution that fits any budget. Not only are they exceedingly easy to maintain, they are an environmentally friendly flooring choice by acting as both the foundation and finish. Replacing carpet with polished concrete conserves resources and eliminates the need for costly maintenance and replacement. Concrete also provides relief from the tens of millions of dust mites and allergens that would normally be present in just a single square foot of carpet.

With endless design and color possibilities, you have ultimate freedom to choose the perfect floor that complements the rest of your home. Call today to schedule your free survey and allow us to deliver a personal masterpiece that you will cherish for years to come.